Is a scale reducer or water softener better for your home?

How can hard water be treated?

The calcium minerals that cause hard water can be treated in two ways.  Either they can be altered temporarily (by a scale reducers), or removed permanently (by an ion exchange water softener).

Temporary treatment will still result in scale formation in kettles, heat exchangers and central heating systems, plus will not reduce the effect of soap scum build-up on sanitary wear, shower screens and kitchen surfaces. Temporary treatment will also not reduce the amount of soaps and detergents you purchase as the limestone calcium is still present in your water.

Despite some dubious claims, scale reducers cannot soften water, whereas ion exchange water softeners will both soften the water completely by removing limestone calcium from your water, plus will also reduce your soap and detergent use by over 50%.

Let’s look at the differences between Temporary and Permanent treatment…