Experts in water softeners for over 30 years making us Hulls most trusted water softener installers...

A family run business serving our local community with soft water solutions.

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Dave parry

Born and raised in and a round Hull, Dave is your local resident expert. He’s been leading the water softener installations and soft water home surveys since 2012.


Lee Mawer

Lee is on hand to offer technical support and advice from the main office.  He is a treasure trove of information and advice on all things water softeners.


Jeremy Heath

Having grown up with a family run business in Lincoln Jeremy opened Greens Water Systems over 30 years ago. Covering Lincolnshire & Humberside for many years before dedicating a shop in Hull to better serve residents north of the Humber.

Meet Your Water Softener Technicians

When you purchase a water softener, we don’t just guarantee the softener itself, we go further than anyone else.

With a fantastic parts guarantee, we’ll also guarantee that your softener will save you money, and protect your boiler & central heating system, plus your dishwasher and washing machine, and so much more…

  • Price Match we guarantee that you won’t pay a penny extra than you need to. Our price promise means we will match any other like for like quote.
  • You’ll be Delighted we guarantee that you won’t pay a penny for your water softener until you’re completely delighted with your installation. That’s right, no deposit and you only settle the invoice when your 100% happy.
  • Always Soft Water we guarantee to recommend a softener that gives you soft water no matter how much water you use.
  • Scale Removal  we guarantee that your home will safely and gradually be cleared of scale build ups without causing leaks or blockages. Great news for your kettle which will be scale free within 6 weeks, your heat exchanger clear within 6 months and your pipework free from damaging scale within 2 years.
  • Everyday Cost Savings for Life  we guarantee that you’ll spend at least 50% less in soaps and cleaning products overall and will reduce your hot water energy costs.
  • Personal 2 Year Warranty  we guarantee FREE labour for 2 years after your installation for any repairs needed, plus there’s your manufacturers parts warranty and we handle anything needed to fix and repair so you never have to waste time to ‘call-centre land’.
  • Extra Boiler Care  we guarantee the heat exchanger in the boiler for life against future corrosion provided it’s supplied by soft water from our softener. That’s because we’re so confident in the protective powers of softened water.
  • 12 Months Fully Covered  we guarantee that in the first year, everything is covered.
  • Family Morals  We guarantee that you will be part of our family, where we treat each other fairly, ethically and stay accountable. Our reputation was built on the trust and respect we have with our customers and those values carry forward to build our future.

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