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Book your home survey to confirm which softeners are suited your home, so you can make a decision in full confidence with the advice of our independent water softener technician...

What Happens During a Home Survey

Here's exactly what to expect from our visit...

Within a short visit you will have...

  • Results of the water hardness test in your home so you can choose from the most appropriate range of water softeners for you.
  • Full technical calculations of your water usage so you can select a water softener with suitable capacity for your family and lifestyle.
  • Evaluation of your plumbing system so you can choose a water softener compatible with your heating system with confidence.
  • Guidance on the salt consumption and budget requirements of each range. 
  • You'll get clear options for your home and fully costed installation pricing to make choosing a water softener crystal clear.
  • The full range of softeners from all brands in the UK giving you the truly best match for your home.
  • A local technician backed by over 30 years of water softener expertise in our area.

The worst that could happen...

  • There might be a couple of biscuits less, if you're really generous.
  • Your dog might really like Dave and be sad when he leaves.

What our customers say about home surveys...

Very patiently explained their system and benefits, answering all our questions which convinced us to go ahead. Whilst it was a fairly significant investment we decided we needed to do something to improve our water supply. There was no hard sell.

All the staff have been friendly and nothing was to much trouble
Should have made this purchase years ago as now our water is so soft and limescale free

When he arrived, he was incredibly diligent and professional double and triple checking everything. He highlighted what needed to be done and broke the costs down clearly (no hidden surprises). During the whole visit there was not one sign of a hard sell, just professionally delivered options and then left us to decide which suited our needs.