Introducing the latest in water softener technology: M2 Block Salt Softener

What is the ‘Minmax M2’?

The Minimax M2 is the latest development in water softening technology, and is currently the market leader in fully automatic water softening design. This advanced concept offers many important benefits over conventional softeners, such as giving you the most luxurious softened water, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The meter of a water softener can be likened to the engine of a car. The better the meter, the better the softener can perform. The Minimax M2 is unique in its design, and is fitted with two displacement meters. With pinpoint accuracy, they easily measure from a dripping tap all the way up to the highest flow rates of a domestic plumbing system. Other softeners are fitted with paddle wheel meters, which means that trickle flow, or creeping hard water, is an inconvenient problem home owners often have to live with.
Block salt really takes the hassle out of refilling your water softener. Unlike traditional tablet salt which comes in heavy 25kg sacks, block salt comes in lightweight compacted 4kg bricks, making the job of filling your softener simple. The Minimax M2 takes two blocks of salt at a time, and an average home in a hard water area will use less than a block of salt per person per month.

  • Non-electric
  • Compact design
  • Accurate meters
  • Twin cylinder

Softener dimensions:
490mm (h) x 206mm (w) x 445mm (d)

  • Fits anywhere
  • Uses block salt
  • 10-year warranty
  • British made

  • Suitable for all British plumbing systems including unvented hot water cylinders, Megaflows and combination boilers
  • 3/4” high flow connections
  • Continuous high flow rates of 55 litres per minute

  • No need for a mains power point
  • Will not be affected by power cuts
  • No timers, clocks, motors or programming

  • Compact design, powerful performance
  • No programming or adjustments required
  • All moving parts work in soft water so less maintenance
  • Soft water 24/7, no down time

The British designed, manufactured and hand built Minimax M2 has been carefully engineered to cope with the intricacies of all British plumbing systems from tanks in the loft, to combination boilers, to high flow unvented hot water cylinders. Offering stunningly high flow rates and the very best salt and water efficiency, the Minimax M2 is so advanced that it will suit all homes.

What Our Client say?

Peter Clohessey:
“It’s an excellent water softener, no more lime scale anywhere in the bar or kitchen, very low salt usage and it’s great to have no clocks or servicing to worry about!

Robert Jones:
“We had a look at a number of companies and went with a Minimax. No problems at all with the lime scale and we’re delighted with the results.”
The Minimax M2 brochure contains all the information on this page, and much more.

Minimax M2 brochure (PDF)

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