Why Choose Minimax

Europe’s No. 1 in Water Softening technology

Harvey Water Softeners Ltd is the number one manufacturer in England and the European Union for domestic water softeners.

Selling our water softeners through a network of professional, independent, carefully selected local water treatment businesses, your Minimax dealer is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and your needs.
Great British history and family-run traditions

We started in 1977. We imported an American water softener into the UK, and very quickly built up the awareness of water softeners, selling over 100,000 water softeners into customers homes. After years of making minor tweaks and modifications to the American softener to make it more suitable for UK plumbing systems, we eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to improve efficiency and reliability further was to design and build a softener specifically suited for the UK market. And so that’s just what we did.

Today, we have built up our brand and reputation to become the largest manufacturer in Europe, achieving this through hard work, product innovation, building great customer relationships and maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Today, not only is the Minimax range of water softeners manufactured by a family-run business – now in its second generation – but it is also sold and cared for by carefully selected family-run dealerships based in hard water areas all around the UK and Europe.

We started off by searching far and wide to find the dealers who we felt would fit the Minimax model best and found these family-run businesses all over the UK and Europe. These are businesses which pride themselves on honesty, providing excellent customer service and value their independence to give customers the right advice for their home.

Many of our dealerships are themselves today in the second and third generations of operation, continuing their family traditions. As our industry matures, we are proud to have the finest group of water treatment professionals working with us today.

Manufacturing products that work in every British home

Our commitment is to the long-term stability of British manufacturing and we, therefore, work closely with industry leaders to drive regulation and awareness of water softeners for the benefit of everyone.

We have designed a range of water softeners that are exceptional. Gone are the days of a customer having to compromise when choosing the correct water softener for their home. The Minimax range is expertly designed to be suitable for every type of home, every type of plumbing system and even high flow mega flow cylinders and multiple power showers.

Our technology is designed to give you excellent softened water quality while maintaining the lowest salt and water usage of all non-electric water softeners.
Our attention to quality control is such that our commitment is to achieve the perfect reliability of our softeners so that your Minimax will serve you for many years.

All Minimax water softeners are designed, moulded and hand-built in Woking, Surrey by a dedicated team of individuals.

If you would like to arrange a tour of the factory and meet our team, contact us and we will invite you in.

The best performance and highest warranty

When choosing your Minimax, you are choosing a future-proof water softener that is designed to meet the demands of busy lifestyles and homes today, coping with unexpected peaks of water usage as your social calendar fills out with friends and family coming to visit.

Built for the future, your Minimax goes one step further because you can easily take your softener with you to your new home where it will continue to give you the finest standard of softened water and protect your home.

The Minimax M2 has the highest continuous flow rates of any block salt water softener, designed to cope with multiple power showers and modern plumbing systems, coupled with the lowest salt and water running costs of its type.

We were instrumental in writing the British Standard BS EN 14743 to raise the standards of water softening in the United Kingdom and today build all of our softeners to meet the rigorous demands of this high specification. All of our softeners, plus installation kits and components, are fully compliant with WRAS regulatory standards.

Largest independent dealer network in the UK and Europe

Having found the best in the water treatment industry to represent the brand, we have over 70 independent Minimax Own Brand dealers around the UK and Europe, making us the largest group of professionals in the industry.

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