Water softeners in York

Back in Victorian times, York’s tea drinkers loved a brew so much they even developed a tea specifically suited for hard water. But we at Hull Water Softeners know that soft water isn’t only good for a decent cuppa, it’s also good for your kettle, your dishwasher, your shower – and your pocket too. We are water softener installers in York and the surrounding area, and we’re dedicated to providing the historic town of York with water softeners for homes and businesses.

York is a beautiful town. With its cobbled streets and ancient buildings, York can look particularly attractive in winter time when it’s covered in a blanket of crisp white Yorkshire snow. But hard water can also damage your heating system, leaving you cold when you need the heat most. That is why our family run business has installed countless water softeners in York for many satisfied customers, giving them the luxury of wonderfully soft water all year round, and keeping heating systems and appliances free from the damage that hard water can do.

Although York is inland away from the chalky cliffs at Flamborough, Filey and Bempton Cliffs, the city itself sits upon land high in calcium carbonate. This is the remains of an ancient sea that once flowed in the area. Water softeners in York and the surrounding area are therefore highly recommended to keep the water flowing in your home soft and calcium free, extending the lifetime of appliances and saving you money through increased efficiency.

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  • 3 years ago
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